Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sun Jul 27 07:41:55 EDT 2008


I don't think that it works this way. Probably, the try control  
structure only determines whether a script keeps running after an  
error, if possible, and whether an errorDialog message is sent. I  
don't think that an additional check is made with the execution of  
each individual line. The error handling features are just waiting  
passively for an error to occur.

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On 27 jul 2008, at 13:17, David Bovill wrote:

> Good to know its fast, but I guess my concern is that a "try"  
> statement
> would slow down each line of a script, and so the speed hit would be a
> factor of how long the script was.
> Not sure why, but I always assumed it would work a bit like  
> debugging or
> using the "do" statement and significantly slow things down, so I've  
> not
> used it to wrap long complex scripts.

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