Click twice to open drawer?

Éric Miclo eric.miclo at
Sat Jul 26 11:14:45 EDT 2008

Try this:

on mouseUp
    if "Consignees" is among the lines of the openStacks then close  
stack "Consignees"
    else drawer stack "Consignees" at right of this stack
end mouseUp

Le 26 juil. 08 à 16:58, william humphrey a écrit :

> When I do the following it works as expected except the first time  
> right
> after you open the stack in that case you have to click the button  
> twice for
> it to work. The button is on the main stack. What can I do to make  
> it so the
> button only has to be clicked once the first time. (this is hard to  
> test
> because you have to close and re-open RunRev to get the click twice
> behavior).
> On mouseup
>  if the visible of stack "Consignees" is true then
>    hide stack Consignees
>  else
>    drawer stack "Consignees" at right
>    set visible of stack "Consignees" to true
>  end if
> end mouseup
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