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Fri Jul 25 14:09:22 EDT 2008

-= JB =- wrote:
> That is interesting and nice.
> I have only run one test but it was mixed pretty good &
> my result was 94 67 with the repeat for each being the
> fastest method.

I had a discussion with Mark Waddingham about this when I was preparing 
my RevLive session on working with text. There is no absolute "faster" 
method when comparing regex commands with repeat loops. It all depends 
on what's in the data, and the engine is optimized differently for each 
type of search. Data that contains many pattern matches will run faster 
with a regex command than with a repeat loop; data that contains fewer 
patterns will run faster in a loop. The best way to determine which 
method is optimal for any particular stack is to run several tests on 
representative data and see which is more appropriate.

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