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Fri Jul 25 08:40:42 EDT 2008

Bonjour Tiemo,

Le 25 juil. 08 à 14:34, Tiemo Hollmann TB a écrit :

> I resize by the absolute diff of the windwow resize, like:
> on resizeStack pNewW,pNewH,pOldW,pOldH
>         put pNewW - pOldW into tWDiff
>         put pNewH - pOldH into tHDiff
>         put item 1 of the rect of player "myPlayer" into tL4
>         put item 2 of the rect of player "myPlayer" into tT4
>         put ((item 3 of the rect of player "myPlayer") + tWDiff)  
> into tR4
>         put ((item 4 of the rect of player "myPlayer") + tHDiff)  
> into tB4
>         set the rect of player "myPlayer" to tL4,tT4,tR4,tB4
> so the resize works to the right and bottom
> any idea?

The problem with such a code is that any new dimension is always  
relative to the current one and not absolute.
It would be safer to use absolute values:

put the rect of player "myPlayer" into tRect
put pNewW - <value> into item 3 of tRect
put pNewH - <value> into item 4 of tRect
set the rect of player "myPlayer" to tRect

How to Manage Stack Resizing tutorial might help you:
This stack explains how to position, scale, etc. all controls in a  
card when the window is resized with the help of the Geometry Manager  
or by scripting.
Tips and tricks, commented scripts, FAQ and example stacks.

You will access this tutorial through "Tutorials Picker" a free  
plugin that interfaces with the So Smart Software website in order to  
display all available tutorials stacks directly from the web.
You will find it by going to
Revolution/Plugins or Tutorials section.

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Eric Chatonet.
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