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Scott Morrow scott at
Wed Jul 23 17:51:48 EDT 2008

Hello Ken and thanks again.  I am already using a script to locate  
copies of FileBuddy and so far it seems to work on the few machines  
I've tested. But thanks for suggesting it because it was dumb luck I  
ran across this script.

   put "find /Library/Receipts -name *PlistBuddy" into tFindScript
   put shell(tFindScript) into tPlistBuddyList

  I then figure out which has the most recent creation date and go  
with that one.

My fixPath() routine doesn't take all the same characters into  
account.... I'll be using yours!

Scott Morrow

Elementary Software
(Now with 20% less chalk dust!)
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On Jul 23, 2008, at 9:31 AM, Ken Ray wrote:

>> Thanks a bunch.  I didn't know about PlistBuddy.  I've got it working
>> now!
> BTW: If this is going to be a commercial app, you may want to insure  
> against
> the possibility that PlistBuddy isn't in the place you think it is  
> (I've had
> that happen when going from Tiger (where it was in the
> AdditionalEssentials.pkg receipt file) to Leopard (where it ended up  
> in
> /usr/libexec)). Here's a handy handler I wrote just in case... feel  
> free to
> use any or all of it (watch line wraps):
> function stsFindPListBuddy
>   -- Attempts to locate PlistBuddy by some known paths first, and
>   -- then uses "locate" if it can't find it. PlistBuddy is installed  
> with a
>   -- lot of software so it should always be there.
>   put "/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy" & cr & "/Library/Receipts/
> AdditionalEssentials.pkg/Contents/Resources/PlistBuddy" into  
> tKnownLocs
>   repeat for each line tLoc in tKnownLocs
>     if there is a file tLoc then return tLoc
>   end repeat
>   put shell("/usr/bin/locate PlistBuddy | sed 2,10000d") into tLoc
>   put word 1 to -1 of tLoc into tLoc
>   return fixPath(tLoc)  -- Just in case of spaces, etc.
> end stsFindPListBuddy
> function fixPath pPath
>  put "\" & space & quote & "'`<>!;()[]?#$^&*=" into tSpecialChars
>  repeat for each char tChar in tSpecialChars
>    replace tChar with ("\" & tChar) in pPath
>  end repeat
>  return pPath
> end fixPath
> Enjoy!
> Ken Ray
> Sons of Thunder Software, Inc.
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