HyperCard Button Icons

David Brooks dbrooks at unlserve.unl.edu
Wed Jul 23 17:45:58 EDT 2008

I foolishly was so excited by the RunRev conference in Las Vegas that  
I agreed to teach a course in RunRev.

Now that the rubber is 5 weeks away from hitting the road, I'm  
learning about "issues."

A HyperCard  demonstration came from a stack called StackStarter by  
Robertson Smith. The user clicks on a button named shark. That button  
disappears and a new button appears as a fin that 'chases' the cursor  
until they meet up (i.e., button catches cursor). The button icon  
changes to an open shark's mouth, (the first finger) cursor disappears  
and is replaced by an amputated stump (button icon), and a chomping  
sound is played. After a delay, the original button is restored, the  
cursor is restored,  and this "jaws" button hides. Once they  
demonstrate a skill, fourth graders love to see how long they can  
evade the shark.

The converted stack (HC --> RR)  DOES have the icons. When those  
buttons are copied to a stack created in RR, they appear.  Once that  
original stack is removed from memory, the icons are no longer  
available. Is there an easy way to access these icons?  I did get a  
png file of the stack library which I suppose I can cut up to make  
individual image files? Finding a machine running ResEdit will take  
longer than carving up the png file. In any event, I'd like to learn  
more about this.

Thanks in advance.


Dave B.

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