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Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Wed Jul 23 04:17:03 EDT 2008

There is a "Focus with keyboard" check box in the properties of a  
regular button but not a popup button. I should have been more specific.


On Jul 21, 2008, at 6:36 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Bill Vlahos wrote:
>> Note there is no UI in the Properties of a button to set  
>> traversalOn. I had to do it from the message box. Not obvious for a  
>> beginner.
> I recommend setting your Rev preferences to show labels as the "name  
> of transcript property" (in the General prefs pane) rather than  
> showing just the general description (which is the default.) That's  
> the first thing I always do. It really helps if the inspector labels  
> match the scripting keywords (and it helps newcomers learn the  
> language faster too.) If you do that, you'll see "traversalOn".
>> One last question... How do I refer to the calling object (in this  
>> case the field) to send the action to? Lets say I have multiple  
>> fields that I want to use this for so I want to cut the selected  
>> text in the field I right clicked in. The menuPick handler is in  
>> the button.
> Assuming there is some text selected in the field, you'd want either  
> "the selection" (which is the text itself) or the "selectedChunk",  
> which is a description of where the text is. If you get the  
> selectedChunk, the last part of the description is the field, and  
> you can parse that out. If you just want to operate on the text, you  
> can do things like "copy the selection".
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