preventing mouse clicks

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Jul 23 02:42:45 EDT 2008

> Is there a simple command I could
> insert into Button X's script so that
> mouseclicks on other buttons, objects
> or the menubar are ignored until
> Button X's script has completed
> (ie, until the images are downloaded)?

One simple way to do this is to display a card size opaque graphic whose ink
is set to noop on top of everything.  This will prevent accessing all
controls beneath the graphic.

For the menubar, you would probably need to disable the menubar group or
buttons, but you may want to be selective about this to avoid completely
disabling your app -- most apps that download anything can be quit in the
middle of a download (with the appropriate warning of course).


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, Multimedia & Design

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