Table Field documentation/tutorials/hints/anything

Gordon Sande g.sande at
Tue Jul 22 16:25:24 EDT 2008

I was hoping to use RunRev to display some calculated data
in spreadsheet like displays. To be useful I need to select
the data to be displayed in each of several such displays.

RunRev looked like it might be a good tool. A nice programing
language with easy control of graphical output under interactive
input. 2.9 Revolution Media seemed like an easy start.

Then I read section 4.2.23 on Table Field Control and tried
to find anything else. The search command must be broken on
my copy of the documentation as I found nothing else. I did
find one tutorial which explained that this was an experimental
feature as of 2.5 which was both undocumented and subject to
various bugs. Lots of custom properties and arcane addressing
polynomials to select fields with do-it-yourself handlers.

What have I managed to miss?

Citations of further documentation would be welcome. Web URLs
of examples or tutorials would sure help. Any other hints
would also be welcome. Even other solutions to my display
problem would be welcome.

Eventually I will want to control the size of the cells,
the weight of the cell boundaries, the font and styling of
the contents and have the displays scroll in their windows.
Printing is also on the ToDo list but at this point I can
not even figure out how to get any values into a table.
Not a great start.

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