idlerate it not the same between mac and windows

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sat Jul 19 10:55:25 EDT 2008

Hi Ludovic,

The reason probably is that the graphical engine is faster on Windows  
than on the Mac. Sounds strange, since the Mac's specialty is  
graphics, but true.

Also, you are setting the idlerate to 2 milliseconds. This may be too  
few for your processor or operating system and actually such a rate  
doesn't make sense. Unless for very specific purposes, an idlerate of  
10 is "less" than sufficient. You probably want to set the idlerate to  
1000 or 2000.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 19 jul 2008, at 16:15, Ludovic Thébault wrote:

> Hello,
> Why with this script, and on a fld with several small images,  
> windows is really fastest (1-2 sec)  than macos (7-8 seconds) ?
> ## btn script
> local idrat
> on mouseUp
>   set the idlerate to idrat
>   send descendre to fld "fleurs3"
> end mouseUp
> on mousestilldown
>    put the idlerate into idrat
>    set the idlerate to 2
>    send descendre to fld "fleurs3"
> end mousestilldown
> ## field script :
> on descendre
> if the vscroll of me + 1 < the formattedheight of me-115 then set  
> the vScroll of me to the vScroll of me + 1
> else set the vscroll of me to 0
> end descendre
> thx.

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