idlerate it not the same between mac and windows

Ludovic Thébault ludovic.thebault at
Sat Jul 19 10:15:46 EDT 2008


Why with this script, and on a fld with several small images, windows  
is really fastest (1-2 sec)  than macos (7-8 seconds) ?

## btn script
local idrat
on mouseUp
    set the idlerate to idrat
    send descendre to fld "fleurs3"
end mouseUp

on mousestilldown
     put the idlerate into idrat
     set the idlerate to 2
     send descendre to fld "fleurs3"
end mousestilldown

## field script :
on descendre
  if the vscroll of me + 1 < the formattedheight of me-115 then set  
the vScroll of me to the vScroll of me + 1
  else set the vscroll of me to 0
end descendre


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