Passing variables between Flash and Rev

Henk van der Velden henk at
Mon Jul 14 11:00:01 EDT 2008

>> But if you also want to accept data from the Flash element,  
>> doesn't the Flash script need to reset the connection prior to  
>> sending data otherwise Rev doesn't know when to read from the  
>> socket. In the example above, Rev closes the socket each time  
>> after sending the data, forcing the Flash component to reconnect.  
>> Is there a cleaner approach to this?
> I believe that when I've done this in the past, I've just polled  
> the socket for data.

Hello Dave, Troy, and others,

if I may ask another question about this one:
Just polling the socket for data, does that mean doing a 'read from  
socket' say every second?

Dave's solution is to close the socket every time. But that means you  
can't keep the connection to the Flash movie open, isn't it? I hoped  
I could open a Flash movie, set the initial variable values of it by  
sending them from Rev, and read these variables from the Flash movie  
before leaving the Rev card.
Something like this:
1. open Flash movie, Flash movie connects to socket, Rev writes  
values to socket, Flash movie reads them and uses them to  
'initialise' movie
2. user changes all sorts of values by clicking, dragging etc in  
Flash movie
3. when user clicks a Save button (in Rev), Rev writes  
"returnVariables" or something to socket, Flash reads it and then  
writes the variable values back to the socket. Rev reads them and  
saves them to a file.

Kind regards,

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