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Sun Jul 13 14:05:39 EDT 2008

--- Randolph Valentine <jrvalent at> wrote:
>  Hello, all. I have Unicode text in a field, the
> text consisting of syllabic
> characters from the Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics
> portion of Unicode. It
> displays fine, and I¹m very happily able to produce
> it via a script, but I
> can¹t figure out how to copy it to the clipboard so
> that it comes out right
> pasted into, say, MicroSoft Word.
> The Revolution dictionary says:
> To copy or export Unicode text from a field while
> preserving font, style,
> size, and color information, use the htmlText
> property.
>  Now, really, this note is not terribly helpful,
> because it doesn't tell you
> HOW to do this!
>  So when I try something like:
> set the clipboarddata["htmltext"] to the htmlText of
> field "my_field"
>  I get garbage pasted into Word.
>  And when I try
> set the clipboarddata["htmltext"] to the unicodeText
> of field "my_field"
>  Still garbage. What is the command (sequence) to
> get the Unicode text to
> properly copy? Thanks.
> rand valentine

Almost there - from the documentation for
set the clipboardData["html"] to the htmlText of field

And in extreme cases where this doesn't work, you can
still try the following trick:
select char 1 to -1 of field "my_field"

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

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