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Thu Jul 10 08:34:39 EDT 2008


Le 10 juil. 08 à 13:56, Tiemo Hollmann TB a écrit :

> I have to say, I am working on Win XP.
> When clicking a tutorial subject line the tutorial gets downloaded,  
> the
> download window shows "download complete", but after that, nothing  
> opens.
> Where do I find the tutorials to open them manually?
> Thanks
> Tiemo

A quick test here with XP, Vista and Mac OS X using Rev 2.9 or 3.0  
dp6 showed it worked as expected.
And my stats show that about 15 000 tutorials have been downloaded  
since 2005 using Tutorials Picker:
it's the first time that someone reports what you are encountering :-(

Anyway, you can try the following:
Send DisplayTutorial using the message box after having selected a  
tutorial in the list and used the message box menu to be sure to send  
it to Tutorials Picker.
And let me know off list.

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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