chars in a field only for the field length

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Thu Jul 10 05:55:42 EDT 2008

--- Tiemo Hollmann TB <toolbook at> wrote:
> Hello, probably an easy one:
> I would like to lock the user input in a single line
> field for the length of
> the field, so that the input doesn't scrools thru
> the field.
> Is there a property of the field to be set (I didn't
> find any) or do I have
> to code that feature - probably done a thousand
> times?
> Thank you
> Tiemo

Hi Tiemo,

I believe the 'autoTab' property (aka 'Tab on Return')
has the side effect of sending the user to the next
field when it can't fit an extra line without
What this means is that in case of a field that only
has room for a single line of text, typing return will
immediately send the focus to the next field (just
like typing a tab would) but in case of a field with
room for 3 lines, the user can press return twice, and
then the thrid time around, it jumps focus to the next

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

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