Creating Library Modules

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Wed Jul 9 19:06:11 EDT 2008

> I created the Stack as a NEW stack and then started it.  Do I need to make
> it a SubStack and then select FILE -> MOVE SUBSTACK to FILE

Er... wait... this is a separate stack entirely? Not a substack of your main 
stack? Have you already loaded it into memory? Neither the "start using" 
command nor the "insert" command are going to be able to find the stack 
otherwise unless you specify a physical location for it. Much better to make 
your library stack a substack. Then your "start using" command will probably 
do the trick for you.

> I cann't find anything in the documentation about creating a library.  Do 
> I
> need to declare within the stack that it is a library that is to be used
> with the main stack?

Nope. You've done that all correctly. Any stack can be used as a library 
stack without any fiddling about.

 Mark Wieder
 mwieder at 

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