changing file permissions, question please

Sadhunathan Nadesan sadhu at
Wed Jul 9 15:52:37 EDT 2008


Greetings, a question please,


Can we change file permissions on a file located on a server across the
network, from a rev client?


Suppose I have a few lines of code in my Rev windoz program like this:

  put "//" into tempFile
  open file tempFile for write
  write tParsedData to file tempFile
  close file tempFile

And suppose it works, because, I have access to the file share on, so when I run the program as "sadhu", the file is created
and filled with data as expected.  This file is owned by sadhu and only
sadhu can read from it after it is created.  The question is, how can
I change the permissions?

What I want to do (if I were logged in to the server) is basically:

  chmod a+r /tmp/mydata.txt

Anyone know how I can do that from the Windows side in Rev?

Mahalo! and grateful thanks in advance.


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