AW: How to improve font quality when exporting as a snapshot?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Jul 9 11:46:34 EDT 2008

Bonjour Eric,
I meant the "text" part in the exported snapshot image. But I just found out
that the problem seems to be located in the MS Word or the clipboard.
Because first I tested to copy the exported image over the clipboard and
paste it in word (Windows XP), there the former text in the image is very
poor. After trying to export the snapshot as an jpg, the "text" in the jpg
looks pretty good.
So the problem seems to be a loss of quality (dpi?) when copying into the
clipboard or when importing into word.
Any ideas?
Thanks / mercy
> Not sure I understand your problem: do you mean that real Rev window
> on-screen looks poor?
> In such a case try to force a screen refresh: lock screen then unlock
> screen.
> Or is it in the snapshot itself?
> Best regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet.
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