revFontLoad Crashes

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Jul 9 05:15:31 EDT 2008

Hi Bridger,

All I know is that fonts have to be compatible with your operating  
system. Some truetype fonts may load on OSX 10.5 but not on 10.3 and  
others may load on OSX but not on Windows.

Indeed, it is not clear which fonts work with RevFont, but I believe  
revFont is not limited to truetype fonts.

I also had a case where a font worked fine in Mac OS X 10.3.9, if  
installed in the Fonts folder, but wouldn't be loaded by RevFont. I  
believe that Run Rev Ltd is still working on this problem.

If RevFont doesn't work for you, don't keep trying. Just have the font  
installed in the regular way. On some operating systems, you can't  
load a font dynamically anyway, because you have to restart the  
programme to access the font, which causes a nice catch 22.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 9 jul 2008, at 04:37, Bridger Maxwell wrote:

> Hey,
> I am finding revFontLoad to be quite troublesome. I would like the  
> ability
> to load fonts dynamically in my app from a given directory. However,  
> I have
> run into a few problems, particularly on OS X. One font I tried to  
> load
> using revFontLoad on OS X made the entire interface, including  
> everything in
> the Revolution IDE, to turn a different language. I don't know what  
> language
> it was, but it had a lot of curvy lines and dots, for what it is  
> worth. Now
> any font I try to load on OS X just crashes my application  
> immediately and
> without any errors.
> On Windows things seem to be working better, but I haven't done too  
> much
> testing there yet. One thing I have noticed is that if a text field  
> is set
> to use a particular font before the font is loaded, the font will  
> not be
> loaded correctly for all sizes and the field will not show the font.  
> For
> example, if I have a field with Lucida Grande 18 point text, when I  
> load the
> Lucida Grande font, size 18 does not work. This is not mentioned in  
> the
> docs.
> Also, is ttf the only font format that revFontLoad supports? If it  
> is, I
> can't find any mention of that limitation in the docs.
> Bridger Maxwell

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