hang when changing stack height

Martin Koob mkoob at rogers.com
Tue Jul 8 15:07:00 EDT 2008

Mark Schonewille <m.schonewille at ...> writes:

> Hi Martin,
> Do you have any script that run after you change the stack height?  
> Perhaps these scripts lock up your stack.
> Is the filename of the player object set, while you change the stack  
> height? Does setting the filename to empty before changing stack  
> height help?
> You might lock messages before you change the stack height. Does that  
> help?
> How often does does problem occur?
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Hi Mark

I don't have any script run after the height change.  Script hangs in
the middle of the handler right after the set height command is

This will happen whether or not the file name of the object is empty or
has a movie file name in it.

I will not occur the first couple of times but it will eventually

I have been doing more work on this.  I noticed that it only happens
when increasing the size of the stack.   I was using the same order to
change sizes,  1. change player size, 2 change stack size.   When
increasing the size this caused the player to go outside the bounds of
the stack.  I thought this may be the problem. So I tried using a
conditional to identify when increasing the size and in that case I
changed order of resizing to  1.stack size increase, 2. playersize

I have been changing sizes of the stack and the player by individually
changing the height and width values.  I have also been centering the
player on the stack as it is changed to keep it from going beyond the
bounds of the stack by setting the location of the player and at the end
I set the final position of the player by setting the top left of the

This seemed to work until i added in a "set  lockscreen to true"
statement at the  beginning of the handler and a "set lockscreen to
false" statement at the end of the handler.  I did this to hide all the
changes going on from the user.   This caused the hang to occur again
when increasing stack height.

I have not tried this yet with lock messages.


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