AW: how to store imagedata in a custom property?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Tue Jul 8 03:22:30 EDT 2008

Hi Viktoras,
thanks for your approach, that's what I was heading for and now with the
text of the image (Scotts hint) it works also with an array perfect.
> but ctrl+z is a single step undo, isn't it? I haven't done this with
> imagedata, but for text changes in fields I store the text of field in
> an array 'undooArray' before each space, enter, return, backspace,
> delete, dot, comma, colon, paste, copy, cut, insert (or any other action
> of context menu) in that field. Then I can undo or redo as many times as
> I like by adding or subtracting from current key of the array. E.g. undo
> as put undooArray[currentKey - 1] into fld myField; redo as put
> undooArray[currentKey + 1]. Only available memory sets the limit.
> best wishes!
> Viktoras

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