Setting the labels of radio buttons from a Option Menu Button

Charles Szasz cszasz at
Mon Jul 7 21:50:47 EDT 2008


The sample script was one that I fooling around with it after my project did
not work. My actual project that I am using names in the Switch statements
does not work. So, 

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Charles Szasz wrote:
>> I have been unable to set the labels of radio buttons in a group from an
>> Option Menu. I do not understand why the following script does not work
>> for
>> two radio buttons, R1, R2, in a group "radio" from a Option Menu button:
>> on menuPick pChosen
>>      switch
>>           case "choice 1"
>>                set the label of button "R1" of group "radio" to "Hello"
>>                break
>>           case "choice 2"
>>                set the label of button "R2" of group "radio" to "Bye"
>>                break
>>      end switch
>> end menuPick
>> Anyone have any suggestions?
> Unless the menu items in the button really are "Choice 1" and "Choice 2" 
> then nothing in that script is going to fire. Replace the "choice" 
> statements with the actual names of your button's menu items.
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