[ANN] NativeSpeak 1.0.1

Girard Damien dgirard at dam-pro.com
Thu Jul 3 04:54:26 EDT 2008

Dear Revolution User,

Dam-pro NativeSpeak has been updated to 1.0.1. This release brings few 
enhancement and bug fixes.

- NativeSpeak Library: Now can launch the localization engine on only an 
object list. (And not the entire stack).
- NativeSpeak Create: Now NativeSpeak Create by default apply directly 
modification to the objects when you modify their translation property.
- NativeSpeak Translate: Now translation entries that does not have a 
text are not shown anymore by default.

The documentation has been also updated to reflect new enhancements.

About NativeSpeak
Dam-pro NativeSpeak is the localization manager for Runtime Revolution, 
if you want to expand your market to other country, it is the must have 

More information at http://www.dam-pro.com




Damien Girard
Dam-pro CEO.

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