Path to a double-clicked document

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Wed Jul 2 21:28:06 EDT 2008

How do I get the path to a file that was double-clicked in the OS  
(Mac, Windows, and Linux) that opens my standalone?

The association of the standalone to files with a particular  
extension is set on the Mac and Windows gives the user the ability to  
set up the association if I didn't set it in the registry.

I want the document files for my application to live in a particular  
folder and not be anywhere on the drive. When the user double clicks  
the file on the file system or as an email attachment, I want to  
catch it and offer the user the ability to copy the file from where  
it is to where I want it to be.

I assume getting the path will be the same for all the platforms and  
I can write the copy/move routine.

Bill Vlahos

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