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On Jul 1, 2008, at 10:00 AM, "william humphrey"  
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> Thanks Sarah. I thought I'd have to do it like that with a bunch of  
> "if's"
> but I'm always reading these amazing solutions here so I'm  
> beginning to
> think that there is some magic beyond ordinary mortals. It is a  
> relief to
> know that sometimes the mundane answer is correct.

If you have this utility function:

function sws tText
   -- strips white space (returns, spaces, tabs, etc)
   -- from tText, fore & aft
   return word 1 to -1 of tText
end sws

which I use all the time -- very handy to put in a library -- then  
you could do:

put sws(fld "f1" & space & sws(fld "f2" & space & sws(fld "f3")))  
into concatFields

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