quicktime player in stackrunner and rev player with macbook air

Randolph Valentine jrvalent at wisc.edu
Wed Jul 2 17:24:09 EDT 2008

 Hi, I¹ve got a pretty complex stack that has always worked on both macs
(ppc/intel) and windows computers, which utilizes a player to play mp3
snippets‹ I distribute this to students via Stackrunner (or the Rev player
application). With my new Macbook Air, however, I notice that the quicktime
player doesn¹t seem to work, with either Stackrunner or the Rev Player,
though the player _does_ work when I open the stack in Studio 2.9 on my
MacBook Air. In Stackrunner (and the Player), there is no player visible and
no audio. Is there anything I can do to make this work in Stackrunner (which
I love)? Thanks.

rand valentine

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