AW: How to keep dir structure when building standalone?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Jul 2 05:04:36 EDT 2008

Sorry no, I was wrong again, it doesn't work.
What I have to say is, that I develop on Win XP, Rev 2.9, where I can see
the path structure of my mac standalone. I try to get it to run on Mac,
where I don't see the path structure within the app package.
For Windows standalone I just can add the folder in the standalone and shift
the db into that folder (what the standalone builder hasn't done, why?).
That works. But when I create on my windows machine the dbfolder in the Mac
standalone package and shift the db into this folder, my app doesn't find
the db, when testing on the Mac
Hmmm, still missing some basics of Mac app structure.
Any help?

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> Sorry I am just a little puzzled. I just let the structure as the builder
> build it and my app is now running, though mydb is not at the location,
> where I expected it to be (in the folder myfolder).
> ???
> Tiemo

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