How broke is the Player?

Hugh Senior FlexibleLearning at
Tue Jul 1 13:40:02 EDT 2008

On Jul 1, 2008, at 3:08 PM, Hugh Senior wrote:

> Under Windows in Rev 2.9.610...
> The 'functionally-disadvantaged' player object on
> my set-up is currently blocking a project.

On Jul 1, 2008, at 3:48 PM, Jim Sims wrote:

> I think that I sent you a 2.9 standalone which did play WMV files,
> yes? It would have  been a Rev version.

> It did have some of the controller issues you mention, but
> it did play WMV (handicapped as it was).

You did indeed, sims, and your good offices were the sole reason that I 
persisted. There are, however, fundamental functional differences in ability 
to play, let alone ability to control, different movie formats between the 
RevUI, the mcUI, and a standAlone (where rev and mc obviously coincide). I 
have bugzilla'd this as #6672 with a checklist summary of findings at

What really surprises me is that a player object in the RevUI cannot display 
a JPEG whereas the mcUI has no problem, and that the RevUI is able to handle 
MWV (albeit handicapped without a controller) but the mcUI cannot reference 
such files at all.

All most frustrating and not a little contradictory in delivery.


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