OSX Authentication box

Richard Miller wow at together.net
Tue Jul 1 03:27:12 EDT 2008


What I am doing is turning file sharing on and off on a Mac. The  
standard shell script one might use to do this doesn't seem to work  
when the file sharing control panel is in its "locked" state.

> do shell script "/usr/sbin/AppleFileServer" password "x" with  
> administrator
> privileges
> Turning off with:
> do shell script "/usr/bin/killall AppleFileServer" password "x" with
> administrator privileges

When it is locked, I was using Applescript to unlock it. But that  
requires putting in the password and then closing the dialog box.  
That's where the problem is coming from.


On Jun 30, 2008, at 5:41 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

>> Is there some other way I can have Rev close that dialog box after
>> it's used Applescript to insert the password?
> Just curious - what is it that you're doing that brings up the
> authentication dialog? The reason I ask, is that if it can be done  
> using
> shell() there's a way to pass the authentication in the command so  
> you don't
> get the dialog...
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