Determine which control is being focused on in focusOut message?

David Bovill david at
Thu Jan 31 11:28:42 EST 2008

Seems like you want to go backwards in time :) My guess would be to put the
focus messages at the card level and use the target or focusedObject and
local variable as in Chipps suggestion plus:

   -   wait until lObjID is empty with messages ?

On 31/01/2008, Trevor DeVore <lists at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Anybody know of a way to determine what control is being focused on in
> the focusOut message of the previously focused control?
> For example, if an image was currently focused and then the user
> clicks on a field I would like to know the reference to that field in
> the focusOut message of the image. My current workaround is to fire
> off a message in focusOut using send in time. This does work but is
> not ideal in all circumstances.
> Thanks,
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