protecting images in rev-cgi generated html

Andre Garzia andre at
Wed Jan 30 22:36:56 EST 2008

With the aid of a framebuffer server such as Xfb you can run a full
stack and use snapshots commands but it takes a while to start, maybe
a cgi and a concurrent running daemon on Xfb communicating thru
sockets would do the trick, but I think is overkill for this project.

My sugestions is: go with imagemagick. Use it to make composite images
from your elements and just output the full image. It comes with most
linux and should be present on the servers.


On 1/31/08, Jim Lambert <jiml at> wrote:
> > Export command does not work from CGI engine... :-(
> >
> > Andre
> >
> Ah! So true.
> Maybe the server could have a second 'full faced' instance of Rev
> running. The cgi Rev could hand off the "snapshotting" to the regular
> Rev, which would create the composite image to be sent to the viewer by
> cgi Rev.
> Or, admit that it's impossible to 'protect' any image that's delivered
> on the Web!
> Jim Lambert
> >
> > On 1/30/08, Jim Lambert <jiml at> wrote:
> >>> Really, what I wish I could do is to use something like
> >>> the "print card" function of rev -- which is what the
> >>> standalone of my bingocard-maker already relies on --
> >>> so that a rev cgi script could, instead of delivering
> >>> individual server-side images, combine those images
> >>> into one large card-like image.
> >>
> >> Take a look at Rev's "export snapshot" command.
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