FW: Possible Buggs VS 3.5.1

Ruslan Zasukhin sunshine at public.kherson.ua
Mon Jan 28 16:36:37 EST 2008

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Hi Kent,

On 2008-01-28, at 22:06, Kent Danielsson wrote:

> Sorry if We missunderstood that Valentina studio, SOLD FOR MONEY is
> NOT a tool that are supposed to be used, developer or not.

I must admin, I didn't get you at all, too. During the last days I
used VStudio for the most times of my days and it simply works. Yes,
there may be some minor issues during the lasts months, and it
sometimes may be hard to track down the source of issues. But a
question or one more in an appropriately tone would for sure lead to a

In my experience during the last year, Paradigma is the fastest and
most helpful software companies currently on the market and believe
me, I know a lot of DB vendors for 20+ years.

> Guess the same attitude goes for all software from Paradigma
> Software Inc.
Guess you never worked with real databases on a professional level?

> You better stop the missleading information below;
So let me try to find misleading information

> Paradigma Software's Valentina Studio Admin Edition is a
> sophisticated but easy-to-use application that lets you quickly
> create and maintain Valentina databases.
Yes, of course this is "marketing", but I think there is nothing wrong
with it. Do you've ever seen SQLDeveloper? FBManager? SQLAnywhere? ...
Most of them lack in one or far more probably in many cases and you
need to spend *real* money on 3rd party software.

> Valentina Studio is able to work with databases located in your
> local file system and with remote databases located on Valentina
> Server.
correct - you should know, that you never, never, never open a local
db parallel in another app, but the statemenet is verified.

> Using a highly graphical way of working, Valentina Studio Admin
> makes it simple to create the necessary database structure for your
> project.
Same here - verified and approved several times with really large
databases (120+ tables)

> Quickly and easily create tables and fields in your database
Verified - see above - and far better, if you prefer open a SQL Editor
window and paste in your legacy sql code to create whole structures in

> Browse through your existing database data
Yes - and even better during the last releases the speed becomes
faster and faster and faster

> Add, edit and delete records in your database
I must admit, I didn't do it so much like administration, but it works.

> Import data from any ODBC data source
Sorry - never used.

> Execute Valentina SQL queries against your database
Heavily used, found several issues, all was fixed and worked now
better then before - there are so many cool features in the SQL-Editor
you won't find in many other tools, e.g. autocompletion with .dot

Btw. you can see how customer friendly Paradigma is, when let this
"crap" (sorry, IMHO) go to the list.

@Ruslan: Sorry, I'm not on the rev list anymore, feel free to forward
my reply to this list, too.


Thorsten Hohage
objectmanufactur.com - Hamburg,Germany

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