another question about finding duplicates

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Mon Jan 28 02:19:04 EST 2008

Thanks everyone, what's amazing is how you can solve the problem by such 
completely different approaches.

My own approach was best thought of as an attempt at the new literary genre 
of "programming jokes" and has the same relation to the others as PDQ Bach 
has to music.  Here is it is:

	set the itemDelimiter to tab
	put field tData into tmp
  	repeat for each line theLine in field tData
   	put item 1 of theLine into tagg
   	get tmp
   	filter it with tagg&tab&"*"
   	if the number of lines in it >1 then  put it & CR after field tError
	end repeat

When run against a two hundred line file with one duplicate pair, the screen 
flickered for several seconds, after which it notified us of all four of 
them.  The IDE somehow did not seem quite his usual cheerful self after 
having got through this exercise.. ...


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