Can Rev Draw a Line?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Jan 26 16:25:26 EST 2008

Kenji Kojima wrote:
>> on mouseup
>>       create image "boxes"
>>       set the rect of img "boxes" to 100,100,500,500
>>       choose brush tool
>>       -- change brush to different numbers/shapes
>>       set the brush to 15
>>       set the brushcolor to "green"
>>       drag from 150,150 to 350,350
>>       set the brushcolor to "blue"
>>       drag from 300,300 to 450,450
>>       choose browse tool
>> end mouseup
>> this works for me as a script for a button
>> greetings
>> Bernd
> Hi,
> It works on development, but not on standalone.
> ManOSX10.5.1 and WindowsXP, Rev 2.8.1
> Do I have to set any in the standalone application setting?

The patterns and brushes are not automatically included in standalones, 
and the standalone builder does not have an option to include them. This 
is fixed for the next release. For now, you have to copy the patterns 
and brushes into your stack manually.

There are quite a few stacks involved. The easiest way is to set the 
preferences to show Revolution stacks in lists, then use the Application 
Browser to find all the stacks that work with cursors, patterns, and 
brushes. Clone those and make them substacks of your main stack.

Or wait for 2.9. :)

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