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Wed Jan 23 04:37:25 EST 2008

Dear Wolfgang,

No, I do not speak German at all. I do have access to excellent free  
translation tools however, since I need to answer emails in many  
languages. Its rather fortunate I did not have to learn six or seven  
languages before beginning my job.

I think by now everyone on this list is aware of the rules that  
govern our interaction on this list. In order for such a large,  
widespread and  diverse community to be genuinely helpful to each  
other and exchange ideas and information on Revolution, it is  
essential, not a luxury, that politeness and consideration of each  
other is exercised at all times.

Richmond called himself a snob - acceptable, clearly he was not  
likely to offend himself by doing so. You called someone else  
ignorant. Unacceptable. Also rather pointless, I fail to see what you  
were hoping to achieve by doing so. Its a pity that such an  
interesting thread has been hijacked by an unnecessary controversy. I  
would like to see an apology, but if that is not forthcoming please  
do not post any justifications to the list - thats not what this list  
is for.



On 22 Jan 2008, at 20:16, Wolfgang Bereuter wrote:

> On 22.01.2008, at 20:10, Stephen Barncard wrote:
>> That's really over the line, and I'm not talking about the grammar.
> is your german perfect, List-Mom? Dann lass uns deutsch weitermachen!
>> Personal attacks are not what this list is about.
> Wer lesen kann hat einen Vorteil. Keine Rede von einem persönlichen  
> Angriff. Er hat sich selbst als Snob bezeichnet. Ich habe das bloss  
> korrigiert.
> Read what I have written. It was not personal attack. Richmond has  
> called himself a snob, I have only corrected.
> regard
> wolfgang bereuter
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