Another Revolution?

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Sat Jan 19 11:22:58 EST 2008


Friday, January 18, 2008, 7:47:27 PM, you wrote:

> I've been reading through the source of the TO game, and I THINK what
> they told you, or what you think they told you, is not the whole
> story.

I believe we're talking about the same thing here.

You're right, of course, in that the presentation layer is JS -
there's no java applet downloaded to the user's browser. What I was
referring to is the stack-to-java conversion on their server and the
process that from there generates the JS that is sent to the browser.
That's the part of the process that grabbed my interest. There are
obviously sandbox issues to deal with (I doubt that file I/O is
possible on the client end, and at best restricted on the server end),
but I think it's a very interesting direction. Is AJAX involved in
client-server interaction after that, and to what degree? I don't yet
know. But I'm interested in following up with them to find these
things out...

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