[off]VMWare vs. Parallels

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Well, i have no idea if tilestack is doing it well, but i do know that there are no web native xtalk's out there.  That is my point.  Apples vs. No apples.  There is still something to xtalk that keeps it from being ex-talk... That something needs to find a more current incarnation in today's world, or better yet be the new world the way hypercard was 30 yrs ago.

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I guess I don't understand what you were trying to say vis a vis
vmware, then.  Are you just saying that you think that RR should join
the Ajax camp?  It sounded like you were saying that tileStack is
doing something revolutionary.

Now if TS or RR or anybody else wanted to do something TRULY
revolutionary, imho, they would abstract from the target further, and
thus target Flash, Ajax, standard OS-targeted executables, and
"traditional" Java (i.e. JVM)  at the same time.  Some of the existing
RAD/IDE's can do two of the four of these, but nobody does all four
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