drag question

Mark Swindell mdswindell at cruzio.com
Thu Jan 17 21:56:30 EST 2008

I have an image that resides below a group and is not part of the  
group.  The group consists of  a collection of fields which have no  
scripts and are not focusable.  In the group script I placed the  

on mouseDown
grab image "artwork"
end mouseDown

This works if don't select directly over a field, and I can adjust  
the position of the  image by dragging it around.    If I click over  
a field it doesn't work.  I'm assuming the mouseDown if being trapped  
by the field.  But shouldn't it be passed along to the group script?

I'm not outside the bounds of the image.

Can anyone clarify what is happing here, or suggest another approach  
to being able to move the image around?


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