Another Revolution?

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Jan 17 17:48:08 EST 2008

So, while visiting Macworld San Francisco this week, I chanced upon a small
booth that had the word "HyperCard" in the description.  I was prepared to
dismiss whatever goofball developments the guys there were showing, but
after talking to them for a while, I think they have an interesting take on
x-talk (for them it's HyperTalk).  Called "TileStack", their intention is to
create a HyperCard-type development environment, but starting from the Web
side using Javascript libraries and server-based logic, instead of starting
from the desktop side.  All coding will use the HyperTalk (TileTalk?)
language and if I recall correctly, the initial IDE will be a Web-based
front end.

The interesting possibility about this is that, if it is ever released,
stacks will be immediately sharable by a much larger audience than x-talk
tools which require players/standalones (I believe only Javascript is needed
to run a stack, thus the potential for delivery could be equal to or maybe
even greater than Flash, which requires a player).  Obviously, there are a
lot of questions to be answered, and it wasn't clear to me how far along
they are, but they have a simple puzzle demo on their site and they are
collecting email addresses of interested parties for early access.



Scott Rossi
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