importing a bunch of files

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Have you written a file tree spider?

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Hi Randall,

> If you follow shuch a scheme,   <.......>

> All of this points to why it makes sense at times to interface your  
> stack to a professional data base and let it do all of this  
> structural efficiency heavylifting (that is what it is there for).   
> I like to build my own cause i like to learn...

> But the obsession is almost killing me.

Well, as far as I can see with your emails,
it seems you're full alive :-)

Thanks for all your remarks.

Mmmmm, without explaining all the project,
I can give some rules which can be seen as formal facts:

- No database engine wanted !

-  No databases needed for this tree files.... It's only a tree !
    These files are Text and only Text ,
     and they are read only once,
     but don't know when and in which order.

- From the user's point of view, it will makes no
    differences at all ( even fully invisible ) that the file is read  
from the disk
    or from whatever revolution's container where the text will be  
stored in.

- Revolution will be absolutely ignorant about the meaning of these  

- If all the files to be imported in a stack are too big,
    they can be compressed as an option.

- must work on Mac/Windows/Linux boxes

Here is the context of my question about transforming a tree of files.
By now, I will try  to do this with custompropertysets,
and see what happens.....


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