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I agree.  And this wiki-revdocs would realy add value to the product, but what i was really talking to was the guts, the latin, of the interprter, how and why and when the great Oz pulls his levers. Reading the great books on hypercard and you began to undeestand the mind of god.  maybe this said more about the profound elegance of the hypercard kernal, but knowing the interpretor meant knowing how to write scripts and build stacks. 

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"supercard docs leave the user reverse enginering for dollars"

Yes. Yes, so true.

The problem is not with the existing docs, which are just fine for what they 
do.  The problem, for people learning it, is that they are like a cookbook 
all about ingredients but with no recipes for dishes.  Its like trying to 
find how to make apple pie from a book which has very fine informative 
entries for apple, pastry, sugar - but no entry for pie.

What you need when you are learning however is a cookbook that starts from 
tasks.  The great Carla Schroder's Linux Cookbook is a fine example.

By the time I have learned Rev properly, if I am spared that long, I'll have 
personally written one in the form of notes on topics encountered as problems 
to solve, and so will many of us.  It would be a great collaborative project 
were something like this to be done right.  It would probably make a 
significant contribution to Rev's success and adoption if there were one 

If everyone on the group just contributed one a month, it would be a fantastic 
resource, and would grow to a respectable size very fast.  I'd be happy to 
help.  Not with writing recipes  (which might be a bit of a disaster) but 
with editing and so on.  

"Revolution Recipes".  It has a nice ring to it?

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