importing a bunch of files

Thierry 00bioarchimed at
Wed Jan 16 13:17:50 EST 2008

Hi Randall,

> Not only that but using your disc files as dat fields or even  
> record will seriously overburden your file system's day to day  
> efficiency.  You could easily add orders of magnitude to the number  
> of files and directories on disc.. Seriously slowing down a lot of  
> OS (and finder) functionality.  Be good to your disc.

  I was probably not precise enough on what I need to do.

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> From: "Randall Lee Reetz" <randall at>
> Wholy moly...

can you teach me the meaning :-)

In this project, all the files I'm talking  are there !
Can't do anything against this, that's the start.

The main idea is to embed all the groups of files and directory inside
Revolution to avoid installing back to the user's space all these files,
plus as a security behavior because it's not possible to modify  
simply these files.

Am I a bit clearer ?



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