Many Cards Versus One Card and a List Field

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Wed Jan 16 04:37:06 EST 2008

I seem to have cracked this one now, by brute force.  But the solution really 
shows how much this must be the wrong tool for the job - unless there is a 
much better way, which there probably is, and I'd love to hear about.  And 
also would be interested to hear how one was supposed to find it!

For each of the 30 cells, I'm just doing two filters on the file in a temp 
variable till the temp variable only contains records of the appropriate 
kind.  Then add the relevant items up into the right cell.  No switch, no 
match, no branching.

Then clear the variable by reloading the whole file into it, from another 
variable to avoid endless disk reads, redo the filter with different criteria 
for a different cell, and so on.  So this is basically 30 snippets of script 
to produce 30 different subsets of the file, one after another, one for each 

On a 2G Athlon, you watch it going through its paces....  But it does work 
after a fashion.

Then I will do printing by going to full screen and doing Print Desktop from 
the shell.  What a horrible kluge!  Awk and a text editor for printing has to 
be better than this.  It would be embarassing if the people who will use it 
were to find out just what a kluge it is.


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