Many Cards Versus One Card and a List Field

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jan 14 21:09:03 EST 2008

Randall Lee Reetz wrote:
 > Wow, that message was a little short and a lot weird.

No problem.  Many of my posts are long and weird. ;)

 > What i meant was that i think you are correct, that
 > a working prototype is in order, and that it is very
 > hard to fit dreams (no matter how rooted in reality)
 > into day to day survival.  I would love to work with
 > you on a project that really added to the future
 > that never was... Will keep you posted. The most fun
 > to me is framing the problem.  Course if you do this
 > well the rest falls into place almost magically.

I must not be doing that part well, since I can frame problems much 
faster than I can build solutions. :)

But do let us know how it goes.  I've read some of the stuff at your 
site, and look forward to seeing what you come up with on this.

 > The tent comment referenced your assides to backpacks
 > and the desert.

I do use a tent. A lot of my friends tell me that if I'm going to carry 
all that water I should go ultra-light on my other gear and switch to a 
tarp.  I try tp watch my gear weight in general, but the desert becomes 
most alive at night while I'm asleep and I prefer that things that crawl 
and slither not seek my bag for warmth, so I carry a tent.

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