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Richard Miller wow at
Mon Jan 14 15:52:26 EST 2008


I understand your solution, and to an extent, I've already  
implemented it. But my situation is different than yours (if I  
understand what you are saying). In your case, it seems that the date  
links were able to retrieve sales data that was either already  
available or easy to produce. In my case, the searches are quite  
processor intensive and not something I want to do any more often  
than necessary. I need to be able to store the results and access  
them repeatedly (without forcing the user to use the back button),  
and it's not practical to store them in the html pages because it's  
just too much data.


On Jan 14, 2008, at 3:11 PM, Len Morgan wrote:

> If I understand what you're trying to do, I've done something  
> similar (but not with Rev) and it worked quite well.  What I had  
> returned to the user was a table of dates of commissary sales  
> data.  Only the dates and the total sales for the day were shown.   
> I created a simple HTML table where the date was a link to a cgi  
> script that took the date and returned the individual sales for  
> that date.  That process sent back a new table that had a table row  
> for each sale with the buyer's name, id#, and total amount of the  
> sale (all links).  If you clicked on any link, it would take you to  
> the itemized list for that particular sale.  The back button of the  
> browser worked like you'd think it would so they could work their  
> way through the list by just going back and forth.
> Creating an HTML table with rev.cgi isn't that hard.  You can make  
> it look nice and create a handler for the header, the footer, and  
> then one for each line.  If you can get one table line to come out  
> correct and nice looking, you just loop through it for as many  
> results as you have.  Since you are saving the information in the  
> link, you won't need any storage on the server to remember what the  
> original search results were.  You can embed all sorts of  
> information in each link that the user never sees.
> Hope that helps.
> len morgan
> Richard Miller wrote:
>> I'm looking for suggestions on how to accomplish the following.
>> 1. User starts a search of my text-based database (via browser and  
>> Rev cgi).
>> 2. My app finds the results (which are a series of line numbers...  
>> possibly as many as 1000)
>> 3. I now want to store those results so that when the user brings  
>> up a data page resulting from the search, they can go back to the  
>> results (presumably to go to another data page from the results)  
>> without having to re-do the search or use the back-button on their  
>> browser. I know how to store the results within a link (i.e.  
>>,2,3..."), and I'm using this in  
>> various places already. But this won't work for me in all cases.
>> I'm guessing one solution might be to issue a temporary id number  
>> and connect that to a given users search process. The results  
>> could then be stored in a file on the server under this ID, with  
>> this page liquidated after some period of time (30 minutes? 60  
>> minutes?). Would this work or is there a better way to handle this.
>> Thanks.
>> Richard Miller
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