Showing unsaved status for document-based windows

Randall Lee Reetz randall at
Sat Jan 12 16:56:10 EST 2008

Maybe a better question is: why does the document "need to be saved"?  Why isnt it saved as it is being changed?  Should the user have to be aware of the memory/hard disc schism?  Just a thought.


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Just wondering how people normally show that a file needs to be saved.

This is for an OS X-only app, so ideally I'd like to show a darker  
blob in the red 'close' button in the titlebar, but this doesn't seem  
to be an option in Rev without rebuilding the titlebar...

Other suggestions? The titlebar of the doc window shows "Application  
Name: Document Name" so I may add * to the end, but this seems mostly  
to be a Windows convention.

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