[semi OT] encryption of pdf files

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at ensmp.fr
Thu Jan 10 12:10:01 EST 2008

Le 10 janv. 08 à 17:48, jbv a écrit :

> Hi list,
> I have several Rev cgi scripts that output pdf files with  
> sophisticated
> layout
> and sensible content. I'm using my own libraries to build those pdf
> files.
> I was wondering if anyone had already tried to encrypt such homemade
> files
> so that users can still open them with Acrobat, but can't edit the
> content...

Hi from Paris

Acrobat (the application, not the reader) offers three levels of  
protection by encryption+password
1) permission to open
2) permission to open and to print
3) permission to open, print and modify in Acrobat
I guess what you need is option 2


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