two related questions (Galaxy and Rev)

Heather Nagey heather at
Thu Jan 10 12:47:40 EST 2008

Just to follow up on this, I made some enquiries and it transpires  
there is an explanation for missing/delayed email on this occasion.  
It seems we experienced a temporary server issue related to a file  
overflowing, which does appear to have prevented some email from  
getting through. The issue has been resolved, so if anyone else has  
written to support recently and mysteriously not received a reply,  
please resend your email. I'm told the email should only be delayed,  
it should not be lost altogether, but even so, I'd rather get two  
copies than none at all. That support address again:  
support at We make every effort to reply to every email in a  
timely fashion.

Warm Regards,


On 10 Jan 2008, at 12:08, Len Morgan wrote:

> You are not alone.  I frequently get errors in the Galaxy  
> components, some that even lock things up to the point of having to  
> restart or occasionally reboot. Unfortunately, for me at least,  
> Galaxy has become like programming crack to me and I can't live  
> without it!  I've just learned to live with it.
> I can't say much about your support issues except that such  
> problems have NOT been my experience.  Whether I liked the answer  
> or not, I always got one pretty quickly.
> len morgan
> Mick Collins wrote:
>> I bought Galaxy (actually got it free with a future-re-up for  
>> Studio).  I started using it and decided that there were things I  
>> needed to learn about it which I didn't at that time have time  
>> for.  So I turned it off (and I think the button or menu item or  
>> preference) said "temporarily."  Almost immediately, when I went  
>> to use the debugger it would kick into Galaxy and about 10% of the  
>> time a Galaxy error would come up (it would put me into debug mode  
>> of a Galaxy script).  From 10% it got worse and worse until  
>> neither the debugger nor script editor was useable.  Finally,  
>> every time I opened Rev it would immediately shut down again.  So,  
>> first question, anyone see this before and/or have advice?
>> The plot sickens.  I decided I would reinstall Rev.  I looked  
>> everywhere but couldn't find my license password for 2.8.1 (I  
>> found one for 2.5.x but that didn't work, not unexpectedly, so now  
>> I am using it as a trial copy).  I sent Rev Support an email  
>> (December 29).  I waited a few days, thinking that since they had  
>> mentioned that they would be off certain days they probably were  
>> still in the holiday mode.  On the 3rd, after having received ads  
>> for the special bundle over and over to the point of  
>> spamification, I decided they must be back from holiday so I  
>> replied to the sales ad, requesting forwarding to support.  That  
>> was almost a week ago and I still haven't heard from them.  Has  
>> anyone else had this kind of lack of attention from support  
>> (actually, I have in the past been very pleased with response  
>> time, particularly from Heather).
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