Revolution Games

Andres Martinez andres at
Thu Jan 10 10:55:50 EST 2008


Revolution is a great platform to develop games, and compared to the  
typical Flash, Torque or Java, games are done much faster. This is a  
competitive advantage, but at the same time, the few of us dedicated  
to this, are working on our own and sometimes reinventing the wheel. I  
guess together we can achieve better results even faster.

This introduction is not only to invite other Rev game developers to  
share their ideas, but also to offer baKno's publishing services. If  
you are a game developer or if you have a semi-developed game idea in  
your closet, we can offer: game design guidance, development expertise  
and immediate exposure to thousands of gamers.

If you are interested please write me off-list.

Andres Martinez

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