tapping into finder events

Mark Smith mark at maseurope.net
Thu Jan 10 05:23:11 EST 2008

On 10 Jan 2008, at 04:10, Randall Lee Reetz wrote:

> What i am asking is no closer to the os than most anything xtalk  
> does... Its just that it apparently hasnt be asked of xtalk before.
> I can't think of anything more useful than being able to use  
> automate file system objects as they are created by the user (in  
> any program).  Am i really the only one who is wishing in this  
> direction?  Imagine something as simple as having every image file  
> tht ends up on the desktop being emeditely moved to the user's
> image folder.  Imagine the spotlight comments fork of that file  
> being auto annotated with relavent ontological trees.  Imagine  
> alias files being auto generated and stored in appropriate project  
> folder trees.  And that is just the beginning.  One could script  
> super complex semantic pattern engines that could extract user  
> interest vectors, auto track resources, and potentially "do some of  
> our work for us".  If apple and microsoft are to scared to build  
> inteligence into their os's... The maybe we could.
> randall

Randall, 'super complex semantic pattern engines that could extract  
user interest vectors' doesn't sound much like 'computing for the  
rest of us' to me. I'd have thought that someone who could build such  
things might also be able to figure out the other things you're  
talking about!



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